Chad Michael Murray Joins Southland

3 Dec

It’s a collision of … Ryan Atwoods?

Two former teen idols are going to join forces, quite literally, on TNT’s Southland. That’s right. One Tree Hill‘s Chad Michael Murray is joining The O.C.‘s Ben Mckenzie on the streets of Los Angeles.

Chad joins Southland‘s fifth season as Dave Mendoza, who is described as a “loose cannon” and a not-so-great influence on Ben’s character, Ben Sherman. Two hotties and a little bit of trouble? I like where this is going.

But I have to warn you: What comes next BLEW MY MIND. According to TVLine, “Fun fact: McKenzie’s breakthrough role of Ryan Atwood on The O.C. was originally offered to Murray (who nixed it in favor of OTH).”

For everyone who knows me, my world was ROCKED with this bit of info. The idea that this:

Chad MM wife beater

Could have kept me from this:

Ben Mckenzie wife beater

IS HORRIFYING. My favorite show of all-time would never have existed. Thank you, TV gods. THANK YOU.

But as for Chad being BESIDE Ben on Southland … I can dig it.

Will you watch the new season of Southland when it returns in February?

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